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Proactiv Before and After Stories + Pictures and Video

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Last Updated: June 30, 2020

Proactiv is one of our top-rated acne-fighters, and that’s because it’s been proven to work, it’s affordable, and they millions of satisfied customers. But don’t just take our word for it – the proof is in the many before and after pictures and stories that have been shared over the year.

Below, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite before and after pics, as well as some testimonials we think you’ll find super motivating, especially if you’ve been struggling with skin issues.

27 Proactiv Before and After Pics

When it comes to seeing how well Proactiv can work for skin issues, the proof is in the before and after pictures. Here are a few of our favorites:

proactiv before and after picture

another customer shares her story

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See 16 more before and after pics at the Proactiv website…

Before and After Testimonials

before and after testimonials

Pictures are a great way to see for yourself how good the Proactiv products may work for you, but it can also he helpful to read what real customers are saying about Proactiv MD, Plus, and Solution.

Here are a few of our favorite before and after stories:

I think the reason why Proactiv works so well for me is because I used it religiously. And, I just think that getting into a routine is definitely important in having great skin. -Ariana P, 23

I have only been using proactive for a month now and the difference in my skin is unexplainable it’s amazing! I have struggled with acne my entire life and I actually tried proactive once before but never was able to stick to the routine so I didn’t think it worked I gave it another chance and I’m sooooo glad I did I don’t know where I’d be without it if you stick to it and make it part of your everyday routine I promise you’ll see amazing skin ! I love this stuff I’m a lifer !!

I bought this in January, and I’m so happy with my purchase. It works so great, I have had issues with acne for 10 years, it started in high school. I have tried probably 10 different acne products and none have worked. This is the only thing that works!!! Proactiv please never stop making Proactiv MD, this formula actually helps. Thank you for making this, my face is mostly clear. I definitely recommend!

I got my first set and the very first time I used it, I can instantly feel the difference on my face. They give you an easy step by step guide to follow with and even though I have only washed my face once a day because I’m a busy working mom the acne has not came back. I’ve tried many different products and none have shown me quick results the way Proactiv has! I’m no longer embarrassed the way my face looks and feel very confident!

I’ve been using proactiv for approximately 14-15 years and I wouldn’t change anything. I absolutely love every Cleansing product the have. I also recommend this everyone I know. Thanks to proactiv I get compliments all the time about my skin complexion as well. I would like to give a huge thanks proactiv for keeping my skin clear. It’s magic in a bottle.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Learn more and read a lot more Proactiv testimonials at their website.

Before and After Videos

There are lots of video testimonials about Proactiv out there, and YouTube can be a treasure trove if you’re looking for a bunch of them. I’ve watched tons of Proactiv videos, and while their are plenty of inspirational testimonials out there, Montana’s was one of my favorites:


As you can see, Proactiv has lots of before and after pictures, testimonials, and videos for you to see just how powerful their acne treatment can be. If you like what you see, then there’s a good chance Proactiv may be just what you’ve been looking for.

If you want to good started, you can see more pictures, read more testimonials, and learn more about their various treatment options at the official Proactiv website: