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Lumin Skin Reviews: Tips for Deciding if it’s Right For You

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Last Updated: July 29, 2020

Lumin Skincare is gaining in popularity as more and more men look for high-quality skincare products to keep themselves looking great. While the skincare industry used to be relegated towards skincare products for women, many brands are looking to capitalize on the increasing interest among the male population.

In fact, according to a report by Grand View Research, the global men’s skincare products market size is anticipated to reach a staggering 18.92 billion by 2027 [1].

One of the brands that are specifically targeting and focusing on this growing segment of the market is Lumin Skincare. With their specially curated line of skincare products for men, it is one of the most sought after brands in the industry. They have even expanded to feature both hair and body grooming products to go along with their highly-rated skincare line.

If you are looking to switch your grooming products over to a new brand or you are looking into premium products for the first time, you will want to learn whether or not Lumin is right for you.

In this Lumin review, you will learn more their skincare products and you should be able to decide if it would be the right fit for your needs.

What is Lumin Skin?

lumin skin products

Lumin Skin was designed specifically for a man’s skin. Studies have shown that men’s skin is not only thicker, but it also has a higher surface pH than women’s skin [1,2]. Lumin Skincare knows this and they went out on a mission to curate a line specifically tailored to the unique needs of men’s skin.

Along with tailoring products to address the needs of men’s skin, they also offer different formulations that cater to the needs of different skin types. After all, not every man has dry skin.

Therefore, Lumin tackled the skincare industry to fill up a significant gap in the marketplace that had far too few products strictly centered around men and their skincare and other grooming care needs.

Lumin Products: Skincare, Hair & Body

Skincare Products…

1. Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm

This is perhaps Lumin’s most well-known product in the marketplace. It is a moisturizing balm that is specifically tailored to your skin type. Thus, you will find one tailored for you whether you have ultra-dry skin, combination skin, or oily skin.

This product is meant to help lock in moisture to minimize moisture loss which can contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

It includes some high-quality natural ingredients to achieve this including apple extract, meadowfoam seed oil for mimicking sebum, and ginger extract for counteracting free radical damage.

2. No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser

Lumin created the perfect cleanser for men. Many of the cleansers on the market are simply not as effective as they need to be for men. This cleanser addresses the unique needs of men.

Not only does it have more powerful ingredients to tackle the thicker dermis of men’s skin, but it also features ingredients to help balance out pH levels for a man’s skin which has unique pH requirements.

This product helps get rid of dead skin cells, it kills off bacteria with antiseptic properties, and it suctions bacteria right out of the pores to minimize blockages.

It does so with a specially curated list of ingredients that work seamlessly together including charcoal, rose flower oil, and Centella Asiatica.

3. Dark Circle Defense

Lumin offers this product for those with stubborn under-eye darkness. Many men suffer from under-eye darkness and wrinkles because it is one of the first areas of your face to thin out. As a result, dark circles and wrinkles can begin to form.

This product addresses these issues head-on by stimulating the surrounding skin and by reducing inflammation throughout the area.

4. Reload Exfoliating Rub

Every man should be exfoliating a few times per week. This allows you to be able to get rid of a surface layer of dead skin cells and encourage cell regeneration. That is exactly what this Reload Exfoliating Rub does.

It helps improve the texture of the skin and it can reduce the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, or even irritation from shaving.

It does all of this because it features healing ingredients including green tea extract and rosemary leaf extract which both have anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Anti-Wrinkle Defense

This is another specially curated product offered by Lumin that addresses the needs of men. This product is geared toward aging men who have experienced sun damage.

The formula is designed to help you turn back the clock by counteracting the negative aging impact of sun damage through minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

It does this by packing in hyaluronic acid for smoothing out fine lines and by having ascorbic acid which can reverse the oxidation process caused by free radicals in the skin.

6. After Hours Recovery Oil

This is a product that is designed to keep your skin fully hydrated. It packs in some of the best oils for your skin including argan oil and squalane oil which can closely mimic the skin’s natural oils and trap moisture.

Hair and Body Products…

1. Keratin Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner

Lumin has expanded to offer hair products including a Keratin Recovery Shampoo and a Conditioner. The shampoo is designed to help reverse hair damage and lock in moisture within both the scalp and the hair itself.

The conditioner works in combination with the shampoo to repair the damaged ends and enhance the health of your hair by strengthening weakened hair follicles and by maximizing volume.

Both of these products contain keratin for repair, but the shampoo features a lot of anti-fungal properties and ingredients that improve overall blood circulation throughout the scalp area which encourages growth.

The conditioner contains ingredients like jojoba oil to lock in moisture and green tea leaf extract to fight free radicals.

2. Advanced Repair Scalp Treatment

If you are suffering from weakened and damaged hair, the Advanced Repair Scalp Treatment is likely for you. It protects the scalp from further damage and it encourages an environment conducive to optimal hair health and hair growth.

3. Clarifying Body Wash

This body wash is designed to not only help minimize body acne, but it does so without causing excessive dryness which can exacerbate acne or other inflammatory skin conditions. It features various natural ingredients including tea tree oil for clearing pores and aloe Vera for reducing inflammation.

Lumin Benefits


1. Comprehensive Portfolio Of Products

Lumin truly curated the perfect line of skin, hair, and body products for men. The skincare products in particular are exceptionally complete. No matter what type of skin you have, you will be able to get the products best suited for your skin.

They have everything you need for a comprehensive skincare regimen.

2. Natural Ingredients

The majority of the ingredients you will find as active and key ingredients are completely natural. This means you will be able to get skincare products that are very effective and natural.

These ingredients serve various purposes and the thought put into the curation of ingredients is exceptional.

3. Products Work Well Together

One of the key things that you want to find in a skincare line is synergy. You can tell there was a lot of thought and research that went into the creation of this entire line.

If you are looking for anti-aging benefits, you can go for the Age Management Collection, if you are looking for regular skincare maintenance they have the Classic Maintenance Set.

Whereas, if you are looking for products that specifically help correct flaws like fine lines or dark circles, you have the Correction Trio Set.

The products they make work together with perfect synergy.

Key Ingredients

1. Ginger Root Extract

You will find ginger root extract in a lot of their skincare products. You can find it in their moisturizing balm, cleanser, and dark circle defense. The ingredient is very versatile as it features anti-inflammatory properties and it can fight against signs of aging.

2. Charcoal

This is another common ingredient you will find in a lot of their products. Charcoal is effective for men’s skin which is thicker and it can draw out bacteria and dirt from the pores to improve complexion.

3. Shea Butter

This is one of the most moisturizing ingredients you will find in the skincare industry which is why it is heavily utilized in the moisturizing balm and the cleanser.

4. Green Tea Extract

You have likely heard about green tea extract before. It is present in a lot of anti-aging and regular skincare products because it is an ingredient with powerful anti-inflammatory properties which makes it perfect to fight against signs of aging, inflammation and it is also good for moisturizing.

Lumin Price: How Much Does it Cost?

1. Age Management Collection, Classic Maintenance, or Correction Trio

These sets of (3) are a total of $48.00 every two months. Therefore, each set will cost $24 per month.

2. The Complete Skincare Gift Set

If you are looking for the entire lot, you can expect to pay $71.20 every two months. Therefore, your entire set will cost $35.60 per month.

This collection comes with the Cleanser, Balm, Dark Circle Defense, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Recovery Oil, and Exfoliating Rub.

Who Should Consider Lumin?

You should consider getting Lumin if you want the highest quality of men’s skin and grooming care products in the marketplace.

If you are tired of getting poor results from skincare products on the marketplace due to them not being developed for your (male) skin, you aren’t alone.

That’s exactly what Lumin Skincare is surging in popularity among men looking for better alternatives.

Review Summary: Should You Buy?

As a man, you don’t have to settle for products not designed for you anymore. Thanks to Lumin, you now have an entire curated line of men’s skincare products and hair and body grooming products.

Therefore, you should be able to find the perfect combination of products to use for your specific skin type.

As long as you are willing to pay the premium cost for a premium product line tailored to men, you will be able to experience the benefits of having products purposefully designed to suit the needs of your skin, hair, and body.


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