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Byte vs Invisalign: Tips for Deciding the Best Alignment Option for Your Teeth

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Last Updated: September 10, 2020

The smile is one of the first things that gets noticed when you meet someone new. It’s no wonder how important it is to maintaining healthy self-confidence. However, studies have shown that over one-third of American adults are actually unhappy with their smile [1]. As many as 77% of women in the same study even indicated crooked teeth are worse than a receding hairline when sizing up a potential dating interest [1].

It’s easy to see why teeth aligning treatments have become so popular. With so many adults looking to improve the aesthetics of their smile without the negatives associated with traditional braces, clear aligners are the ‘clear choice.’ However, there have been a few entrants to the marketplace since their original introduction.

Invisalign is one of the most well known in the industry, but Byte is surging in popularity due to it being a more cost effective treatment. Choosing between the two can be very difficult considering how much impact it can have on your self-confidence.

In this comparison article, we hope to provide you with all of the information you need to make the best and most informed decision on if Byte or Invisalign is the best treatment option for you.

Features Comparison: What Byte and Invisalign Have to Offer

Byte Overview

byte teeth allignment kit

Byte works a little differently than some of the other aligners you can choose from.

  • Works From Home

It is completely designed and intended to work from home. Meaning, you don’t need to schedule tedious orthodontic or dentist visits regularly throughout the course of your treatment.

  • HyperByte

Byte features their very own HyperByte technology which is a dental movement acceleration device. This device is included in all treatment plans which can help to accelerate the movement process of your teeth through high-frequency vibration technology [2].

  • Doctor Directed

Just because you won’t have to make in-person visits doesn’t mean you will be without professional guidance. Byte offers remote monitoring with professional orthodontists to ensure that your progress is going smoothly throughout the course of treatment.

  • Different Treatment Plans

There are different treatment plans that you can choose from assuming you are deemed an eligible candidate for both. You can opt for all-day aligners which Byte claims is two times faster than the competition or at-night aligners which will take anywhere from 5 to 6 months depending on your individual circumstances. The at-night aligner treatment plan is typically reserved for mild cases.

  • Complete Guarantee

One of the standout features of Byte is the fact they are willing and able to offer a smile guarantee for life. The guarantee notes that if at anytime your smile moves out of proper alignment, you will be able to get it back at no additional cost.

Invisalign Overview

quick overview of invisalign

Invisalign is one of the most well respected and most reputable aligner products on the market. There are several things that stand out about Invisalign.

  • In-Person Consultation

For one, Invisalign takes the traditional approach of in-person visits. For some, this may be a good thing and for others, it may be a hassle. With Invisalign, you will be meeting with your doctor and they will be using the iTero Element scanner in order to take an accurate 3D digital scan of your teeth. From there, they will map out your personalized treatment plan and show you what your teeth will look like upon completion.

  • SmartForce Attachments

With Invisalign, you are able to make much more complex tooth movement without having to go through the complications of braces. They do this through SmartForce attachments which are affixed to your teeth prior to treatment. They are barely noticeable and they can help your SmartTrack aligners to effectively apply the appropriate level of force in the direction it needs to go [3].

  • 8 Million Smiles

Invisalign has a strong track record with 8 million smiles corrected [3]. There is no other alignment solution that boasts this number of treatments recorded.

In-Home (Byte) vs Office Treatment Options

Byte Treatment Options

As mentioned, Byte offers an at-home approach to correcting your smile. This is going to be a major benefit to a lot of people. If you have a busy life, you won’t appreciate having to go in weekly for in-person appointments to your orthodontist or dentist. Throughout the course of treatment, your tracking progress will be monitored by professional orthodontists and you will schedule virtual consultations with them to ensure everything is going well.

Invisalign Treatment Options

Invisalign offers a completely different and much more traditional approach with in-person visits. With Invisalign, you will work directly with an orthodontist in his/her office. Therefore, you will have much more of a personal relationship with them and you can ask questions during any and all of your visits.

Straightening Power: How Well Does Each One Work?

1. Movement Capability: Invisalign

When it comes to making the most precise movements, Invisalign is the winner. Invisalign offers a couple of things that you won’t be able to get with Byte. Because of this, it may be a suitable treatment option for some with more advanced cases or harder to treat issues like major bite corrections. One of the standout features of Invisalign that makes it superior in accurately moving teeth would be the SmartForce attachments that are used for the treatment. These attachments are able to make smaller and more precise movements than what you would get with other aligners.

HyperByte offered by Byte does enhance the precision of teeth movement, but it doesn’t match the precision of SmartForce attachments combined with SmartTrack material.

Invisalign also has the mandibular advancement feature which makes it capable of moving the lower jaw to improve one’s bite.

2. Speed Of Treatment: Byte

Byte is the clear winner when it comes to speed. Byte has HyperByte technology which is exclusive to Byte’s aligners. This technology can expedite the treatment by forcing teeth to move faster. According to Byte, HyperByte is capable of accelerating your treatment by up to two times faster.

Invisalign typically takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months to finish. However, you can finish much quicker or much slower depending on how frequently you wear the aligners and on the severity of your specific case.

3. Retainer: Tie

With Invisalign, you will need to purchase Vivera retainers at the end of your treatment. While they are designed to be two times more durable than other retainers, they will be costly considering you will need to replace them eventually.

With Byte you will need to purchase a new retainer every 6 months. They are not designed to go much longer than that. Therefore, you will need to spend money on a new retainer every 6 months to keep your teeth in place.

Price Comparison: Is Byte or Invisalign Cheaper?

Byte Pricing Options

  • Impression Kit: $95

Byte costs $95 MSRP for the impression kit. From there, you will be determined whether or not you are a candidate.

  • BytePay

You could choose to opt for BytePay which costs $83 per month for 29 months. To do this, you will need to make an initial $349 deposit. With BytePay, you don’t have any credit impact.

  • Single Payment

You could also opt to pay the entire thing at once. If you are paying in a single payment, the price will be $1,895 which includes the entire treatment system.

  • Insurance

You may qualify for insurance. Byte accepts HSA, FSA, and CareCredit. You would need to check with Byte to see whether or not your dental insurance will reimburse you for your treatment plan.

  • Retainers

You can expect to pay an additional $99 every 6 months for your invisible retainer aligner.

Invisalign Pricing Options

  • Differs on Case and Location

There is no set cost for Invisalign treatment. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 with Invisalign treatment.

  • Retainers

You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for the Vivera retainers.

Summary: How to Pick the Best Option for You

Choosing the right teeth straightening system can be difficult. However, it really will come down to several factors. For one, if you want the more affordable option, there is no question Byte offers the best ‘bang for your buck.’ For those who want the more established company with a better track record, they may want to pay extra for Invisalign treatment.

Likewise, if you are looking to gain the convenience of not having to make in-person office visits during the course of your treatment, you will want to choose Byte. For those more inclined to stick with the traditional method of making in-person consultations and visits, they may be more comfortable with Invisalign. For those who want the quickest possible treatment, they would want to choose Byte.

However, before anything else, you need to figure out whether or not you are a candidate for either system. After all, if you aren’t a candidate, you won’t be able to get the treatment anyways.

You should choose Byte if…

  • You want to straighten your teeth for the most affordable price
  • You want the quickest rests with HyperByte technology
  • You want the ultimate convenience that virtual consultations provide
  • You want an unprecedented lifetime smile guarantee

You should choose Invisalign if…

  • You want to pay more for the track record Invisalign has and you are willing to pay more for it
  • You are not a candidate for Byte but you are one for Invisalign
  • You want in-person consultations and visits throughout the course of your treatment


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